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Eneloop Pro 2550mA/h 5/BK-3HCCE FLT-FUT Futaba Connector

Eneloop Pro 2550mA/h 5/BK-3HCCE FLT-FUT Futaba Connector

Product Information

Eneloop Pro 2550mA/h 5/BK-3HCCE FLT-FUT Futaba Connector

Quailty battery pack manufactured right here in Oz with top quality Sanyo Eneloop Pro cells.

For the most demanding applications, the Sanyo Pro High Capacity range are the most qualified to get the job done.

The Sanyo Pro rechargeable batteries provide a outrageous 2550mAH capacity and can be recharged around 500 times. If that's not all, the batteries retain around 75% of their capacity even after 1 full year of not being used.

Sanyo Pro high capacity rechargeable batteries are so tough, they even keep working in temperatures below -19 degrees Celsius without any power loss.

These batteries come already pre-charged with photovoltaic generation.

2550 mA/h capacity for sport or general purpose models.

This is a Sanyo Eneloop Pro Battery Flat Pack 6V 5 Cell with Futaba Connector

Description: R/C Hobby Battery Pack
Application: Hobby RX Battery
Chemistry: Nickel Metal Hydride
Voltage: 6V
Nominal Capacity: 2550mAh
Brand: Sanyo Eneloop Pro

Premium 5 x AA NiMH type with Futaba Connector .
Constructed using premium Sanyo Eneloop Pro cells.
Ready to use straight from the packet.
Pre-charged and ready to use right out of the pack; preserves charge for long periods of time.
Extremely slow self-discharge rate maintains 75 percent of capacity after 1 year of storage.
Can be charged up to 500 times (including partially) without experiencing memory effect.

Product Code: 5BK-3HCCEFLT-FUT

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