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Pitts Python 50cc Scale Aerobatic RC Model Plane ARF 1.78m - Free shipping Australia

Pitts Python 50cc Scale Aerobatic RC Model Plane ARF 1.78m - Free shipping Australia

Product Information

Pitts Python 50cc ARF 1.78m

Free shipping within Australia


Beautifully finished Pitts ARF capable of the most amazing aerobatics and 3D.  Team it with a DLE-55 for crisp performance or for rocket sled performnce fit a MT-80.

Flies like it is on rails, a superb flying experience.

Colour scheme is black & blue & yellow

Colours Subject to change without notice.



²  Wing Span:  71in (1800mm)

²  Length:  63in (1600mm)

²  Wing Area:  1735sq in (112sq dm)

²  Weight:  16-17.5lbs (7250-7900g)

²  Center-of-Gravity Location:  260mm

²  Equipped Fuel Tank:  550ml/550cc


²  Light Weight construction

²  Latest structure

²  High structural strength

²  Two pieces of removable wings

²  Super quality

²  Easy installation

²  Complete accessories


²  High performance hardware including: 

²  Ball link ate control system

²  PU wheels

²  C.F.Tube;

²  Anodized Aluminum long arms

Requirements for Ready to fly complete set (need buy separately)

²  Engine:  50-60cc

²  Radio:  6-9 channels, at least 6 servos,

²  Propeller:  22x8, 22x10, 23x8, 23x10

²  Spinner:  4inch spinner

²  Receiver battery:  (suggest item No.:   A123-2SFJ, A123-2ST, NH1200-4, NH1500-4, NH1500-5B, NH1500-5A, NH2000-4, NH2000-5)

²  Power Switch:  twin power switch (one for the receiver, one for the ignition CDI)

²  Fuel line

Payment by Direct Deposit, cheque, money order.  For these payment options select the "Print order form" in checkout. 

or Paypal


Product Code: PITV41