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ASP (Magnum-XL) FS120AR - with Muffler

ASP (Magnum-XL) FS120AR - with Muffler

Product Information

ASP (Magnum-XL) FS120AR Four Stroke Glow motor- with Muffler

This is the ASP (Magnum XL) FS120AR Four-Stroke Model Airplane Engine.


  • Dual ball bearing-supported crankshaft
  • Choke system for easy starting
  • CNC precision machining
  • Steel cylinder liner and ringed piston for long life
  • Rear-mounted updraft two needle valve carburetor
  • TWO YEAR warranty


One ASP (Magnum XL) FS120AR Four-Stroke Model Airplane Engine with:     

  • parts list
  • instruction manual
  • thread-on muffler
  • warranty card
  • decal heet
  • three allen wrenches, and
  • pressure tubing.


  • Glow plug: Four-stroke glow plug only. Using a two-stroke glow plug can lead to erratic operation and eventual engine failure.
  • Fuel: Recommended by manufacturer, 10% nitromethane with 20% castor oil for break-in, no more than 15% nitromethane and no less than 16% castor oil after break-in.
  • Propeller: 15x6-break-in, 15x6, 15x8, 15x10, 16x6, 16x8.
  • Starting and field equipment listed with airplane ACG.


  • Distance between mounting holes on same side:          1.02" (26mm)
  • Distance between mounting holes on opposite side:      2.24" (57mm)
  • Width between mounting flanges:                        2.64" (67mm)
  • Height/bottom of crankcase to top of rocker cover:   5.5" (139.7mm)
  • Height/center of crankshaft to top of rocker cover: 4.75" (120.6mm)
  • Length/backplate to drive washer:                     4.01" (102mm)
  • Length/center of mounting flanges to drive washer:     3.03" (77mm)
  • Length/carburetor to end of crankshaft:               7.07" (179mm)
  • Displacement: (19.6cc)
  • Bore:              1.19" (30.4mm)
  • Stroke:            1.08" (27.5mm)
  • Practical RPM:     2000-11000
  • Weight (w/muffler) 31.08oz
  • Crankshaft thread size: 5/16-24

COMMENTS:  Some differences between two and four-stroke engines:

  1. Four-strokes are quieter
  2. Four-strokes get better fuel economy
  3. Four-strokes generate more torque and will swing a larger prop
  4. Four-strokes have a more realistic sound

Product Code: FS120AR